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Agile software development

Custom applications and consulting with a proven track record.

Codesim LLC is a software technology company working with leading companies with global presences. Our software development team provides products and solutions for organizations that need custom application development, technology staff augmentation, consulting, and rapid crisis resolution.
Since 2004, our developers have assisted many clients, including the United States government and one of the largest Quick Service Restaurants (QSR) in the world. Our projects have included critical projects including the implementation of the largest EMV chip deployment at a single retailer in the world, training large groups of software developers across three continents, and resolving crucial performance problems in a project implementing a constitutionally-mandated government program.

Codesim LLC is based in the Greater Cincinnati area and services clients throughout the United States.

Iterative Development

Fail fast to succeed

Constant, iterative releases result in immediate feedback and course correction.

With a focus on continuous delivery and test-driven development, we are able to implement solutions at a very fast pace, preferring to divide projects into one to two week cycles, where each cycle results in a release. Throughout the development life cycle our teams are fully engaged in the software process from task breakdown to production deployment and post-deployment review.
Further, our developers are responsible for defining the test scenarios up front, before implementing the solution. Throughout the development phase these tests are run on a continuous basis, which allows us to detect failures immediately, and locate the new change that caused the problem.


Embrace the future

Technology changes quickly, adopt the winners and learn from the rest.

Our team actively applies the following methodologies and technologies to ensure success. Note that the referenced products and organizations are not formally affiliated with Codesim LLC.


Recruiting is the priority

We need enthusiastic individuals, open to new ideas.

We're looking for talented individuals with a passion for computer software. If you're interested in working for a forward-looking organization that dedicates time to evaluating emerging technologies, and you enjoy working on small teams solving complex problems, then you could be a great fit on our team. While extensive experience is desired, we understand that everyone needs to start somewhere. If you have the self-motivation and are a quick learner, contact us.
Please send your resume, and a brief overview of the type of job that interests you, to

Attention college students! We're looking for bright-eyed candidates interested in part-time work, co-operative arrangements, or internships. We will work with your school to determine eligibility for school credits or other requirements that may be a pre-requisite to graduation.

Shared Solutions

Learn from us

Let us help you by reviewing solutions to problems we've already solved

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When we are unable to locate a solution to a problem and must solve the problem ourselves, we like to share the solution with the general technology industry.

If you find a solution useful feel free to drop us a note! Or, if you would like to engage us in a consulting arrangement to help your team overcome similar problems, or to temporarily augment your team, please contact us. We look forward to hearing from you!

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